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HBS spray foam insulation is designed to solve the problems traditional insulation methods cannot. From protected livestock in agricultural environments; effortlessly lifting sunken concrete; or protecting and stabilizing sites in areas of rock fall. The diverse range of outstanding products are the sustainable and high performance option for residential and commercial projects.

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    Geolift is a water-blown concrete lifting foam for both residential and commercial use on driveways, sidewalks, and patios.


    • Available in 2.5 lb and 4 lb densities
    • Best-in-class compressive strength (2.5 lb: 5%, 4lb: 10%)
    • Application in wider ambient temperature range

    Geolok is designed to fill large voids, creates a rock shield and is ideal for using in areas where falling rock is an issue. 

    • Aged Thermal Resistance of 7.36 at 1 inch
    • Up to 4 Feet High @ 4 in. per pass (no wait time)
    • Low exothermic spray foam

    Barnseal is a high R-value, air-sealing insulation solution developed for use in poultry, dairy, equestrian, farm and ranch applications. 

    • R-value of 7.15 at 1 inch
    • 6-pound density foam
    • Non-biocide darkling beetle control

    Heatlok High Temp is a two-component closed-cell spray foam insulation specially formulated to perform in temperatures as high as 250°F for tanks, pipes and other applications.

    • Aged Thermal Resistance: 7.27 @ 1 inch
    • Tested Water-Resistant Barrier (WRB)
    • Greenguard Gold Certified- Low VOC

    Heatlok High Density is a range of products specially formulated using recycled plastic and renewable soya oil, it contains zero ozone depleting chemicals.

    • Available in various densities with higher yields
    • Mainly for floor, below slab, tank pads, etc.
    • Specially designed to be used in high compressive strengths applications

    The product is designed to offer contractors a seamless transition from large to small jobs, with the foam ideally suited for filling and sealing various sized voids and surfaces, deadening sound, and reducing vibrations.

    It can be applied to clean, dry substrates including wood, masonry, metal, and drywall, where the material’s strong adhesion properties work to create an air barrier.

    • Available in closed-cell with an Aged Thermal Resistance of 6.0 @ 1 inch
    • Available in open-cell with an Aged Thermal Resistance of 4.3 @ 1 inch
  • PIP Foam

    Specially formulated for field or factory injected applications using high or low pressure equipment. High performance polyurethane foam systems using HFO blowing agent which has a low impact on the environment.  Also available in open cells.

    • Initial R-value of 3.4 to 7.5 per inch (0.6 to 1.32 RSI).
    • Open and closed cell foam
    • Density from 0.5 to 2.5 lb

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